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Francie and Doug Orlando Sweets and Music

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Music + Portfolio Leadership Coaching in IT = Best Combination


THE DOB Doug Orlando Band was founded in 2009, and has been providing quality music to the public ever since. Located in Chandler/Phoenix, AZ




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Doug Orlando 1_ PMI Phoenix President



New: “ROCK the PMBOK®” – Doug Orlando PM Blues Band

Rock the PMBOK® Video – Doug Orlando Band

Click to see Video of Rock the PMBOK® Video – Doug Orlando Band 2013:

Rock the PMBOK® Video – Doug Orlando Band 2013


“ROCK The PMBOK®” by Doug Orlando PM Blues band (Right Click to download)

Listen to ROCK The PMBOK® here










Volunteer for PMI

Volunteer with PMI – the Project Management Institute Today! Doug Orlando and the Band – Kevin Kocis Guitars, Doug Orlando Keyboards, drums & banjo. http://www.pmi.org.
“If you’re a Project Manager a PMP, let me take your Pulse, cause I think you’re fine, we could use your time, Volunteer for PMI!”
Have fun with Project Management. That’s the point of the “lighter side of Project Management” song here. All the best! Doug

Film & Animation
(c) 2013 Doug & Fran Music
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Are You Ready?

by The Doug Orlando Band – DOB , Doug Orlando Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Kevin Kocis Guitars. (c) 2013 Doug & Fran Music. Lyrics: “HIT “SHOW MORE” ….
Recessions Over, Yet we are Losing Ground
Our projects failing, We need some solid ground
Success Rates dropping, it’s time to check the pulse
Get down to business, and Monitor the pulse

Are you Ready Now
Hey, Are you Ready Now
Hey, Are You Ready Now
Are you ready?

A Talent pipeline, that is what we need
Do more with less. Six Sigma quality
Innovation, the only game in town
Is it Strategic? No?, You need to bring it down

We need the skills, Business and Leadership,
We know the Goals, we need the ROI
We know the needs, , Project and PMBOK Guide
We know the Risk, We are Listening Now
CHORUS – out
Special thanks to the Project Management Institute Leaders for Inspiration
Check Out “The Race Ahead” 1-Page EXEC Doc … http://www.pmi.org/~/media/PDF/PMNetwork/PMI_Pulse2013_Web-Exclusive.ashx


The Project Manager Blues Jam

“The Project Manager Blues” by Frank Saladis with Doug Orlando on keyboards (Right Click to download)

Listen to the Project manager Blues Here

PM Blues



October 2012 – Summary of The BEST Global Project Management Institute (PMI) Leadership Institute Conference as evaluated by hundreds of global PMI PM’s PMP’s.

Presentation Deck: PMI Leadership Institute Advisory LIAG LIM NA Vancouver 2012

“Volunteer for PMI”


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